Cyber Security Field Trip

By Jason Yun

At the Cyber Security field trip, I learned many things regarding the subject of matter, cyber security. From professionals such as Mike Good and Anil Pattni who demonstrated the real life application of network security, I learned that innovations are constantly being put into use and the level of hackers becomes move sophisticated and organized.

From Mike Good’s presentation, he gave his personal history at jobs like Xerox and cisco, and even his college past. He heavily emphasize for all students to finish college and not walk the path that he has once taken. Good, in addition gave example of how cisco’s network technology was being put into use it the educational level. From describing methods such at providing individual securities in a school network. To informing of cisco’s major plans and objectives, Mike Good showed that the technology of today is progressing faster than we think.

Anil Pattni, on the other hand, gave a different approach to the world of hacking by providing a funny and yet informational video that demonstrated a hackers point of view. He also gave his personal experience with starting a group known as oc hackerz, which seeks to create a hacking community in which people can make relationships and ultimately work for the greater good of society.

I would recommend this field trip to next years students because of the learning experience of the wide range of information available. From networks, school security, and hacking, this field trip has enlightened my mind. #

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