Dylan Chambers

Here i am

I was born July 31, 1996, i am 18, my eye color is blue, my hair is blonde, i live in Dubuque.

About me


Caring, Kind, Outgoing

Boyfriend of Nicole Langas

Working out, Basketball, Cuddling

Depression, Rage, Happiness

Loosing loved ones, Near death multiple times, Being alone

Joined the army

Get married, Have kids



My people

My moms name is Marie, her boyfriends name is Allen, my brothers name is Blake, my dogs name is Mya, my moms dog is Ozzy, Allen s dogs are Gus and Max, my cats name is Kingsley and my soon to be faience's name is Nicole

this is ozzy and kingsley
this is max and gus
this is mya and kingsley
this is my mom and her boyfriend allen
this is me and my brother blake
this is me and my beautiful soon to be fieance
this is my father frank

My name

Devoted generous and fair

Yielding showing you care

Loyal heart of gold

Admirable a noble soul

Naturally happy boy

DYLAN pure pride and joy

Who i am

I see myself as an outgoing person

I am caring, trustworthy, loving

I react the way i do to certain things because that i s my nature

My strengths are that i care a lot, i am protective, and i love to the fullest of my ability

My weakness is that i care to much most of the time

The motto that i live by is "you cant build a house if you don't pick up the first brick"

My favorite things

Some of my passions is the love for music, basketball, manual labor, and working out.

Things that i enjoy and succeed at is working out, basketball, and manual labor.

My favorite types of music is rap, hip hop, country, hard rock/ heavy metal.


I would like to change physically by getting bigger and more athletic within the next ten years. When i am 25 i will have a good life with at least one kid and i will have a wife, and i will be in the military with a good paying job.

Steps to change

What will help me change to the way i want to be is the basic for military and having the money i will need to start my life with my soon to be fiance.


Dear friend,

It has been a while since we last seen each other and i have changed a lot and a lot of things have changed. I am a soldier now and i have a beautiful family growing. Nicole and i have been married for ten years now. I have a son named Aaron and another kid on the way. we are hoping that we have a girl.


identity is something that shows who you are.identity affects my by letting me know who i am and letting other people know me. the society needs to know individual identities because some people you should probably stay away from.having an identity allows me to be or become something or someone because it gives you a name and a place in the world to do things. the struggle of Uri not knowing who he was is a hard thing for him because he doesn't fit in in society.

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