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Check point One

My strengths are that I'm flexible and love to laugh.

I can improve by learning to step out of my comfort zone more.  Learn to not be frustrated when I can't figure things out, but ask questions.

My focus and plan are to help my students stretch this year.  I want them to learn through experimenting.  Learning can be fun!

All About Me

My Best Friend is my husband, Glenn Salyers

My favorite food is Chinese food

My favorite color is red

My favorite movie is Beauty & the Beast

I like different genres of music

My favorite sport is football.  GO COLTS!

My favorite animal is the giraffe

Blending It!

Check Point 2

I am so excited to use the "blended" stations in Art.  Next week we are working on some Native American influenced art.  I'm going to put my students in four stations.  

Station 1:  a video using elink about Native American art.  

Station 2:  Totem Poles - Students will make a totem pole that reflects their interest. Station 3:  Native American dwellings - Students will decide if they want to construct a tepee, wigwam, or long house.  

Station 4:  Native American influences on food - The students will make a picture of Indian corn.  

I've already set up my room for the "blended" stations.  I'll post my pictures next week.

Using "Blended Learning" in Art...

First Grade making designing Indian corn and watching videos through blended learning
First Grade working o making tepees and totem poles through blended learning.

The students had a wonderful time going through the stations in Art this week.  I found some great little videos to put in elink for them to watch in Station 1.  They worked on either coloring a totem pole or creating their own in Station 2.  Next, they built a tepee in Station 3.  Lastly, they decorated Indian corn in Station 4.

45 minutes is really not long enough for this many stations in Art.  I might work on moving it down to three stations next time.  The students all said it was the best class yet. They loved having the opportunity to watch the videos that explained each station.  It does take a lot of work to make this happen, but I can say for sure the students enjoyed learning in this fashion.  I am a bit disappointed that I couldn't figure out how to attach my video to this blog.  It showed how we moved from one station to the next.  Maybe I'll figure it out for next time.

Check Point #3

Today I had the students use  They made holiday e-cards .  I broke the class up into groups and gave them the opportunity to design their own e-cards in Art.

Instead of using paper and art supplies like I have in the past, the students chose to use a computer tablet and a template

The new tech tools I used was on computer tablets.  I think the card speaks for itself in if they enjoyed the project.  Anytime I pull out the tablets they are excited.  I can see where can be used in other ways for projects in other subjects.

Check Point #4

My goal with this check point is Where To Next?  I want my students to encourage others to read their favorite story.  The technology I will use this time is Recap.  I will allow them to make a short video about their favorite book from the Tyler Street Library.  They can give a short summary of the book and why they think others will like it.   The ultimate goal is to get the students to be excited about reading and sharing that excitement.  I want to make a form that allows the students to share this information as well.  I want to add a space on the bottom that allows them to interact.  Once another student reads that book they can comment on if they liked the book as well.

Update:  I was able to use recap to capture some of our students opinion about their favorite book and why.  I know one of the student's video is upside down so consider that one an adventure when you watch it.  I tried to get different age groups.  They seemed to like the assignment.  You can click on the icon below.  It will take you to my site.  Click on the Teacher backpack.

I was also able to borrow and make some "book tasting" worksheets for the students to use.  I haven't used them yet.  I do plan to use them this year.  

Checkpoint #5

Share something that you have curated.

I've set up a Pinterest for my area of curation for Art and Library as a teacher.  I would like to make it more specific.

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3 months ago

It sounds like is a very engaging software. Thanks for telling us how well it worked in your class.

3 months ago

Love the cards! Such a fun idea!

3 months ago

Thanks Devin helped me. ;)

3 months ago

Love your cards. Great idea. Would love to learn how.

3 months ago

I love the way that you are applying the concepts learned in this workshop to art. Very creative!!

3 months ago

I really enjoy reading all your ideas and ways you have integrated choice and technology into your art class. The digital cards seem like such a fun idea. Were any of them printed out? This might be a good idea for a holiday fundraiser to earn money for more art supplies!

3 months ago

@LisaLantz we did the art for the Christmas cards sold at the TSMC winter bazaar. It wasn't from the digital e-cards, but hat would be a great idea.

3 months ago

...that would be a great idea.

2 months ago

I love the idea of using Recap to do 'ads' for books. I plan on trying it out in my class in a couple of different ways in the next few weeks. Hopefully it will be a program the students enjoy using.

20 days ago

awesome photos😷