Kemal Ataturk
The first president of Turkey

He was the first president of Turkey.He was born around 1881 in the city of Thessaloniki(which was Salonika back then).His family was in the middle class.His family was Turkish-speaking and Muslim.

This is the Ottoman Empire in 1914 before the Ottoman Empire crashed in 1918 and Turkey become their own country.


He attended a series of military schools. Kemal Ataturk began a nationalist revolution. His goal was to end foreign occupation and to stop them from being partitioned.Ataturk was a military leader that led the Turk revolution.He became a member of the young Turks.He participated in Young Turk Revolution of July 1908, which successfully deposed Sultan Abdülhamid II.

                                          Rise to power and Domestic priorities

Kemal Ataturk rose to power by breaking the Greek lines and sent them into an all course retreat. Ataturk then turned his attention Istanbul,which was occupied by British and Allied powers. The British agree to negotiate a new peace treaty rather than fight.A peace treaty was signed stating that Turkey was a independent state.Kemal's first order of business was to modernize and secularize the country, which he did by studying Western governments and adapting their structure for the people of Turkey.He replaced the Arabic alphabet with the Latin one, introduced the Gregorian calendar and asked people to dress in Western clothes.Ataturk lifted a ban on alcohol,closed all religious courts and schools,made Sunday a day of rest instead of Friday, and abolished the ministry of canon laws and pious foundations.His reforms modernized the country.Ataturk was proud of his country.Ataturk is most known for founding Turkey.

This is the flag of Turkey.

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