Lord Montague,
A 5-Day Life Story, Act 2

I decided to have a word with my son. So when Romeo went out and I found out in the time of the last post, I decided not to sleep to wait until he comes back and talk to him. Hey, I was just trying to be a good father...  Do you know what time he comes back? 3 o' clock. I gave up and went to bed and woke up in the middle of the night, went down to get some water and saw him just coming right in. I told him to sit down and talk, but Romeo just said this "Dad, I just saw the love of my life, so I'm pretty tired right now, so can I just go and have some sleep?".


Seriously, is that a way for him to talk to me? My own son? This isn't the end, too. I just told him to go to bed (even though I was very angry), and went to bed. I figured I would talk to him in the morning. In the morning, however, Romeo's gone! One of the maids said that he went out to see Friar Lawrence. What?! Does that boy not know how much trouble he is in right now? Wait a moment, it gets even better. That afternoon, while I was walking down the town square, I noticed Romeo playing with his friends, and he was tormenting an old lady while laughing!!! Now, although I noticed she was a Capulet indeed, tormenting an old lady is out of the honor code that we Montagues have! That boy needs to be taught some manners soon. I'm just waiting for him to come home now.