How To Hide Friends List From Everyone On Facebook?

Hide Your List Of Friends From Everyone On Facebook

Hide your list of friends from everyone on Facebook without breaking a sweat-

  • 1) Open Facebook in your browser
  • 2) Click on Friends located below your cover photo
  • 3) Now click at the top of the Page and a drop down menu will appear
  • 4) Select Edit Privacy from drop down menu
  • 5) Select the audience to Only me and no one will be able to see your friends list

Facebook is full of vulnerabilities and if you can’t even imagine how your Facebook information, including friends list can be exploited to feed one’s evil intentions. Your friend list information is mainly used in profile cloning in which one imitates your profile with the same information, profile pictures and start sending requests to the people in your Facebook friend list. It makes your friend list vulnerable and the person can send phishing links to your FB contacts. To prevent this false practice, you should set the privacy of your friends to Only me.

With these feasible steps, You can change the privacy of your friend list on your own, but if you feel it difficult then, you can contact Facebook helpline numberUSA +1-855-510-0777 to get the desired help from the technical experts.