Five Steps to DIY Solar Water Heater Panel

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A solar water heater panel using is a wonderful approach to get started using alternative energy source for a DIY project. In warmer weathers, the heat stored in the system will keep night time from freezing of the system. In colder weathers, it is vital that you plan for night time cold. By and large, solar hot water heater panels are not difficult. With some preparation, DIY solar water heater panel construction is very easy.

The first item needed to make a decision is what you will use for your solar water heater panel casing. If you are accessible to sheet metal work, a sheet metal case is lighter and simpler to carry than a wood cased solar water heating panel. Wood, however, is simpler to work with and assemble. Simple plywood should be adequate. Take the whole size and weight of the panel into consideration as you design your casing. With water in the pipes, the weight of the panel will rise and you may need to add some pillar to your panel casing.

Dark lining and dark draw on the pipe will help absorb the sun's light and transmit it to the water flowing through the pipes. Even though there are plenty of commercial products available, flat black paint can run very well. The trouble with some flat black paints is that they may fade under the sun. The paint may need to be re-supplied every year or two. For higher efficient heating, you may want to add a tier of insulation to the back and side faces of the casing and paint the cover of the insulation black. Be certain to also paint your pipes black.

Though high heat PVC pipes will be very likely to work, adopting copper pipes will offer more efficient heat transfer. Run the pipes backwards and forwards in your casing. Bear in mind, the longer your water remains in the solar energy heater panel, the more heat energy is transferred to the water. Copper pipes also have the strengths of not eroding like other metal pipes.

For heat efficiency, you will want to encase the whole top of the panel in glass. This will ensnare heat according to the greenhouse principle and increase the efficiency of your solar water heater panel. In some cases, double paned glass may offer for extra efficiency, particularly in colder climates where heat from the panel may be lost into the cold air rapidly.

Very Cold Climates
In very cold climates, be certain you insulate the feed pipes. If they are frozen, they may burst and can forbid your entire system. In some cases, it may be a good idea to install a system that adopts an indirect heat transfer system passing through your present hot water heater. In this kind of system, the water can be kept moving, transferring heat to the hot water heater during the day and taking advantage of the hot water heater to prevent freezing of the solar system at night. Even though on very cold nights, this may use gas or electric power at night, the temperature of the solar hot water heater can be set very low to minimize energy impact. The savings of using chiefly solar-heated water should more than make up the night time energy costs. With the above preparation, you can DIY solar water heater panel correctly and easily. We supply the following products: solar glass tube solar heating panel solar energy water heater

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