How to buy casual shoes for Boys

Boys are always active and that is why they need extra pair of casual shoes. Buying shoes for guys can be a daunting task if you are clueless about what to look for. When scouting for boys’ casual shoes, it is imperative to buy shoes that not only take care of your active lifestyle, but also back good foot health. The major things to keep in mind before buying shoes are the size, comfort, and fit. You should choose from styles that provide durability and flair, which lets you sport the shoes with fancy attire for different occasions.

Let us look at some of the types of casual shoes you can choose from next time you go shoe shopping:


As the name describes, this design comes with pair of laces that you need to tie to keep the shoe secure. Canvas shoes, boat shoes, and trainers are among the most common lace-up styles among casual shoes for guys.


This are ideal shoes for boys who are not interested in tying laces or who are yet to learn how to tie laces. This pattern of shoe is advisable if you want to avoid strapping or lacing. Slip-on shoes come in variety of patterns. Mojris, loafers, and clogs come under the Slip-ons category.


Boots are available in various patterns for boys. Some of the highly renowned patterns are desert boots, biker’s boots, rain boots, and Chelsea boots. You can opt from ankle-high or calf-length boots, which would blend well with your dressing sense.


This type of design for boys includes flip-flops and sandals. You can choose from Velcro straps and bucked straps, which ever suits your preference.

While buying shoes, pay equal attention to the quality and the design of the shoes. People with delicate and soft feet should opt for shoes made of fabric, leather, and rubber.