Holocaust: The Ordeal

Brain washing Juveniles

  • In 1926, it became imperative for all German youth between the ages of 10 and 17 to be a Hitler Youth group member . The nazi's taught the children that, jews and the other targeted groups, were all inferior races of human beings. In the groups, the adolescents were taught to be devoted to Hitler and swore their allegiance.


  • Like other jewish youth, Leo Schneiderman saw the horrific scenes of the Holocaust. He describes the things he saw on the train to the concentration camp. Leo's story, is just one of millions.

Dismissal of the Holocaust

  • The Germans kept as little documentation of the Holocaust as possible. They often tried to keep the Jewish victims in the dark for as long as possible. When it came to killing, ordering was always verbal. They often used code words and euphemisms for what they were doing.

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