Person I Admire: Herman Webster Mudgett

Herman Webster Mudgett Born on May 16, 1861 and died on May 7, 1896 he was one of the first Serial killers in America that anyone documented. He was H.H Holmes.The World's Colombian Exposition in 1893 was held in Chicago and that is where Holmes created his castle of horror. In this hotel/castle,Holmes would rent out rooms to civilians that had come to the World's Fair.The actual total body count of his murders would have to be over 200. He confessed to 27 murders and only 9 were ever confirmed. Holmes being himself sold the skeletons of his victims to local medical schools for money. When he was dead he was buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Pennsylvania

Why was He a Leader?

I think that he was a leader because whether or not you agree with him he stood for his own believes and never wavered from them.He was very goal-oriented. I mean this by the way he managed to sell his victims skeletons and get away with all those murders that he committed and yet only confessed to 27 and only 9 where ever confirmed.

He  was able to plan and built a place where he knew that he could do what he liked most of all. That asset lands in the category of having confidence. and not letting others distract him from his main goal: bringing Pain to others.However he also included good communication and influence skills in his weapon arsenal. He had to get his victims into his hotel somehow.But just not by force so he would rent out rooms in his hotel and had to be VERY influential since this hotel was 3 miles from where his hunting ground was.

Who was Herman Webster Mudgett really?
              Early life:

Born in Gilmanton, New Hampshire, on May 16, 1861. He was a Taurus His parents were Levi Horton Mudgett and Theodate Page Price.Both parents were descendants of the first European settlers in that area.Herman had three siblings. Ellen his older sister, Arthur his older brother and Henry his younger brother.His father's family was a farming family and so his dad was a farmer.However Holmes's dad had a problem with alcohol and was very abusive when drunk.

Some years later when some bullies learned his biggest fear they used it against him. However that back fired. He used to be afraid of the doctor, so the bullies would shove and lock him in the doctors office with a human skeleton model.It is believed that because of this he was intrigued by the human skeleton that he soon started studying and obsessing over death.

His marriage

This is Clara Lovering mudgett. She was Herman's wife which he married on July 4, 1878 in Alton, New Hampshire. They later had a son named Robert Lovering Mudget on February 3,1880. Robert later became a certified public accountant, and served as city manager of Orlando, Florida.

January 28, 1887,

Holmes was still married to Clara however he decided to marry Myrta Belknap. He married her on October 1862 in Pennsylvania. And on January 28th,1887. Holmes decided to file for a divorce however that divorce was never finalized.Lucy Theodate Holmes was the daughter of Holmes and Myrta. Lucy was born on July 4, 1889, in Englewood, Illinois and later became a public school teacher.

Georgiana Yoke,

Yoke was the third wife of Holmes. They were married in Denver,Colorado on  January 17, 1894. Holmes however was still married to Clara and Myrta.

Julia Smythe:

The wife of one of Holmes's employees. Julia engaged in a relationship with Holmes without getting married to him. However she would later become one of his victims.

I think Julia should have said yes she would still have died just not at the hands of her ex who was now a serial killer.


Two years after Robert, Holmes Son was born Herman entered the University of Michigan's Department of Medicine and Surgery.There he studied and graduated In July of 1884.  

However while still attending school Herman, according to sources, He stole bodies from the school's laboratory and Secretly dismantled the bodies claiming that they had accidentally died and collected their life insurance money. He then left his wife and daughter to move to Chicago and began a career in pharmaceuticals.Time in this new place changed him for now there were shady businesses, real estate, and promotional deals under the name "H.H. Holmes which Herman had created in order to take that first step toward his end: a serial killer.

His Terror Castles

Another arsenal weapon that Herman contained was his persuasion skills. Getting people to rent and being able to get drawn into the demon's lair which was Holmes hotel.

The first one his built was 3 miles away from where the world's fair was held in Chicago in 1893.

The second one that he'd like to built would be placed in Texan inherited land that he gained after promising one of the owners that he would marry her. He later killed both his "fiance" and the other sister However this other castle never was completed he abandoned this project and began to run from the law. The places he committed his crimes aren't all know. However it is known that he killed his longtime associate Benjamin Pitezel and three of Pitezel's children.

Why I admire him and why I think that his a leader

The reason I think that Herman was a leader is that for starters I can identify with him and he inspired current ship within himself as well as fear and others some people think that that's a bad thing but I see it as a strength. I like him I first was weak and then I gain confidence he gain confidence and he created history. That makes me feel inspired.

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