The main conflict in this novel is Steve Harmon’s being accused and put in jail, on trial for a murder he feels he did not have any part in. The problem involves the other suspects also on trial and possibly the judge’s decision. The outcome of this case may also be affected by other criminals in the jail not involved in this event, as they are trying to convince the judge of what they feel they have overheard, or have been told. They may be using this to their advantage to get their sentence reduced, regardless of the truth. The prosecutor of this case may also take others statements, whether true or false, to help put Steve away. I feel the conflict will be resolved by discovering the truth about who took part in the murder and who is being falsely accused. I would deal with this conflict by sticking to my word of innocence and using others involvement against them as it would be unfair to have the death sentence, or spend the rest of your life in jail for someone’s death that was out of your control.

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