Interplanetary Space Commision

Alien Facts

Name: Nazo

Age: 13

Weigh: 20 lbs

Planet: Jupiter/gas planet

Basic Facts

Jupiter is the 5th planet to the sun

Jupiter has 63 moons.

Jupiter has a little atmosphere

Jupiter has storms.

-234 degrees fahrenheit

A Day in the Life

11.86 Earth days is how fast Jupiter revolves around the Sun.

One day is how fast Jupiter rotates.

A day on Jupiter is 10 hours, a year on Jupiter is 12 Earth days.

1,321 is the size of Jupiter

Interesting Facts

Jupiter has 63 moons. It has a giant red spot. It has massive storms. That red spot is consider to be a storm. It has no life.

Description of Nazo

Nazo can use Chaos Emeralds to use to fight or light the night.He is a consumer. He eats rocks. Nazo has no predators.


Tackk-Isaih Powell

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