Wildlife Biologist

By: Ryan Skains

Job Description

Wildlife Biologists research and monitor plant and animal habitats in a given region to determine environmental and population dynamics.This means that you would get to research different plants and animals and their eating and traveling patterns in order to keep them safe and plentiful.

Skills/Education Needed

You will need to be able to identify all different kinds of plant and animal species in order to conserve them. In order to become a Wildlife Biologist, you need a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree. Your degree will need to specialize in Botany, Biology, and any other Wildlife science courses available. The Botany and Biology courses will be used when researching animals and plants in certain environments. These courses will last anywhere from 4-8 years depending on how in depth you want to get. One school that specializes in Biology and Wildlife Management and Conservation is Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. All of the educational requirements can be met at TSU.


The average salary of a Wildlife Biologist ranges anywhere from $40,000 a year for a first year employee up to $120,000 for a 10 year employee. This may vary depending on your occupation in this field.

Future Outlook

Becoming a Wildlife Biologist is fairly easy here in the United States due to the high number of jobs in this field. Once you get a job in this field, be ready to stay in the field for a while. As long as you do your job to the best of your ability and you don't mess around, you should be able to keep your job and even get promotions. This field will likely be around for a while because there are so many people interested on wildlife management and conservation.


Being a Wildlife Biologist means that you have a part in keeping plant and animal species from going extinct. It also allows you to learn all about different species of plants and animals and how they grow and reproduce.

Other Careers

Careers that are close to the job of a Wildlife Biologist include Wildlife Conservationist and Marine Biologist. These jobs have a hand in doing the same things as a Wildlife Biologist with minor differences.

This is a Marine Biologist at work.

Why I picked this Career

Ever since I was young I've enjoyed being outdoors with wildlife, whether I'm hunting or fishing, I enjoy learning about wildlife and everything about nature. I've always been good with identifying different species of wildlife and I enjoy learning new things about nature.


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