Baseball By: Christopher M.


In Baseball there is nine positions, there is First, Second, Short Stop, Third, Catcher, Pitcher, Left Field, Center Field, and Right Field. There is one more player called The Designated Hitter. He does not play in the outfield or infield, because he only hits. The Designated Hitter is mostly the best hitter on the team. The most exciting position is out fielding, because a lot are hit out there, but Right Field does get some fly balls but not a lot. The person that gets the ball the most is the Catcher and the Pitcher. They get the ball every time. The Pitcher can throw all kind of pitches. But the hardest working player on the team is the Catcher because he has to squat for nine innings and try to catch anything by him.


Offence is one very important part of the game. First I’m going tell you many ways to bat. One of the hardest plays to do during batting is bunting, because there’s a 75% chance you’re going to get out, because if you bunt it will be closer to the Pitcher, Catcher, Third Baseman, or the First baseman so they can run to get and maybe get you out before you even get half way to the base! Another way is to do regular swing, so basically just a really good swing! Another way is a Power Swing, it’s just a regular swing but just a lot harder. The last way to hit is a Check Swing, that’s when you swing about half way and bring your bat back because you think the ball is too high or too low or even about to hit you. Now I’m going to tell you about Base Running, in base running you can slide into base, there are two ways to do that, you can do it face first or legs first, sliding with your legs first is safer to do. You can also steal a base, how you do that is, first you have to get your lead off and you have to get a big lead off without the Pitcher knowing that you have a big leadoff, when the Pitcher is about to throw you steal the base.


There isn’t a lot a of equipment needed in Baseball, first you’re going to need to have a bat, there is a metal bat and a wooden bat. A metal bat is for low leagues. In the Little League Baseball some teams use wooden bats and some use metal bats. In the MLB (Major League Baseball) they only use wooden bats. Another thing you need is a baseball. If you’re in Tee Ball you’re going to have to have a baseball but it will be a little softer, but in any other league you’ll have to have a hard ball, one of the other things you’ll need is a glove, if you’re an outfielder you going to need a glove with wide webbing, if you’re a catcher your glove will be a little fat and have wide webbing, the anther kind of glove is a first basemen glove, his glove has wide webbing and is very large, and the last to gloves are the pitcher’s glove and a regular glove, the regular glove is just an ordinary glove, the pitchers glove have his webbing closed so the batter doesn’t know what kind a ball he is going to throw in tell the very last second. The last thing you’ll need is a uniform and a hat, because to show your team name and so you don’t get your clothes dirty.

Baseball History

The best Baseball player who ever lived is George Herman Ruth (Babe Ruth). He hit 714 homers but his record was broken. Some of the best players today are Ichiro, Alex Rodriguez, Derrick Jetter, Ryan Broun and Cc Sabitha. This year (2013) the best team was The Boston Red Soxs, because the won the 2013 World Series, Also they team that has some of the best players are the New York Yankees. They have been in the World Series many times. Here in Missouri our teams are the Kansas City Royals and the St. Louis Cardinals, They have both been in the World Series before, In fact this year (2013) the Cardinals lost to the Boston Red Sox’s in the 2013 World Series, The last time the Royals were in the World Series was in 1985. Well that’s all I have thanks for reading!