Clinton Romesha

An afghan hero

Clinton Romesha was the medal of honor recipient, and his brave story.

Clinton Romesha

Was attacked with 50 soldiers by 100 Taliban soldiers

Ø    Stepped up to the occasion and led the men to victory
Ø    8 other soldiers died  that day but he is still torn that he couldn’t save them
Ø    Set to receive the medal of honor Monday

Ø    Jake tapper is writing a book about this amazing person.

Ø     22 men were wounded out of the 50 including Clinton

what is the medal of honor

The medal of honor is the highest award a military personal can receive. The recipient must show amazing courage and heroism in a time of need.

Purple Heart (below)

A purple heart is rewarded to a soldier who comes home wounded heavily.  Example lose of legs, arms, etc.

Words that describe Clinton Romesha


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