Atmosphere By: Paige Pehrson

Temperature Changes

  • In the troposphere, the weather gets colder as you go higher.
  • In the stratosphere, it starts cold and gets warmer.
  • In the mesosphere, it starts warm and gets colder.
  • In the thermosphere, it is the hottest because it is the closest to the sun.

Pressure Changes

  • The troposphere has the most pressure.
  • As you go up, there is less pressure.

Importance of The Atmosphere

  • The atmosphere protects us from radiation
  • It holds the gases we need
  • It creates weather.

Gases of the atmosphere

    • Nitrogen makes up 72% of the atmosphere.
    • 21% is oxygen
    • The rest is other gases

    What the Greenhouse effect is

    • The greenhouse effect is how gasses trap the sun's heat in the atmosphere
    • Land and water absorb most of the sun's energy, the rest is reflected back into space.
    • The heat that is absorbed keeps us warm when the sun isn't on us anymore

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