7 Things you don't need to know about me

This is me Jaevarn the coolest guy and an amazing person. In the best classroom 2015, Room 16 and with heaps of cool people.

I am a complete neat freak.

I like to keep everything spic and span (clean) nothing dirty but if I see something dirty I will clean it up.  When people make a mess sometimes I would sometimes clean up after them. And this is my clean dressing table.

I am a freak on my ipad

I go on my ipad more than my own phone. I am like 24/7 on my ipad everyday if it is a holiday.  I am such a freak that I won't even listen to others around me.

I am always a Gentleman to the girls.

This is not me but this is what I would be like by letting the girl going in before me because I have my own gentleman rules.

Jodeci (brother) and I are always friends and enemys

Jodeci and I are the best brothers out. We like to fight, bust each other out and work together.

My music taste is Rock and Roll, Reggae, old school, Pop and classical

This guy is in the Reggae area he is a very cool guy. I like these kind of songs because it makes me sad, happy, excited, great and frustrated.

I forget two things at the same time

This is kind of like my shoes that I forgot to bring to school today and I was supposed to bring my guitar as well. I am very forgetful

Once I am in the zone for working on a subject I ain't coming out

This is is not me but this is what I am like when I am zoned into my work  I won't look at any drama when I am working in class.

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3 years ago