Hello Family from home

      Dear family back on mars,

They have a lot of this green stuff,but the weather is ok .I think that the people here

are the ones who so calls these things phones.I can't wait to see are planet again!

Hope to see the new baby too,is it a boy or a girl?You better just i want it to be a

supprise.The veiw is great but the noise is very loud,i think that they call it music.

I guess that they think that the so called music has to be horridly loud.Why don't

you try coming here with me next year?So what do you say?I can't wait to show you all my cool things i colleted.oh my gosh! i caught a fish today and it felt gross so i droped

it.It was so fun to see a fish but when i touched it i did not like it.Oh and i almost forgot

where im staying at,i am staying at the rivers side.I love you so much can't wait to see your faces!BYE!


                                                                        your slimy little green daughter  echo



This is a image that I saw that got eaten by a bird i feel so bad. Then I went in the lake and put my hands down and then caught a fish myself it was really tasty by the way.Then

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