Modern Genocide: Population Control Gone Wrong.

Since 1979, under the rule of Deng Xiaoping, many female babies have been either killed or given up because male babies were valued over female babies. This is an unofficial genocide for many reasons. People were divided into two gender groups, many baby girls were killed, aborted, or given up for adoption since then. There were consequences for going against the population control act (having more than one child per family). Consequences included taxing at least 50% of ones income, loss of job benefits, and/or loss of employment.

The thing that makes this modern is the fact that it finally ended in 2009 and the inevitable and obvious repercussions are still going on today. The main repercussion of this genocide is a lack of females in China today. According to Marie Claire, for every 100 boys, there are between 60 and 70 girls. Thats at least a 30% imbalance between male and females. With China's geography being so versatile, most of the women are not in the places where there are a lack of women like in the poor villages. This causes other repercussions like bride kidnapping and frequent prostitution of the little population of women in china. Studies have shown that a lack of women causes straight males to be sexually violent causing prostitution, bride kidnapping etc.

This all started because the population of china was growing rapidly and with a higher population, the government could have face more economical problems such as pollution and poor living quality. Also a lack of resources can occur in the future. For these reasons china wanted to control the population. What should make this a genocide is the fact that female babies were taken out of a world they have a right to be in for male babies. These babies were exterminated and dehumanized. Everyone involved were in denial fitting into at least 3 stages of genocide.

The chinese leader Deng Xiaoping did not foresee anything wrong with the population control law. On paper, it sounds like a good idea but unfortunately it has turned into an unofficial genocide. This turned into a genocide because many people were killing their unborn children due to fear of the government. The word got out and fear came in.

The chinese government was indeed in denial of the harm they were causing which is yet another reason this should be classified as a genocide. We know this because no one would purposefully harm female babies and remove them from a world they were yet to see. We also know this because the chinese government was in the mindset that they were doing the economy justice.

In conclusion, this should be recognized as a genocide and a war crime so we do not under any circumstances repeat this.

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