Agustín Mazalan

The way up to heaven

Mr.Eugene Foster and Mrs. Fost where an elder couple, living in New York in a huge house. In the story we can understand that Mrs.Foster has a problem, she become very ancious when she feel that she will not arrive at least 1 hour and a half earlyer to finish all formalities to an airport, train or a boat. What we can also understand is that Mr. Foster enjoy doing all slowly when Mrs. Foster is going to travel. Her anciety arrive to a level, that she start twitching her eyes.

Mrs. Foster was going to her daugther house in Paris for 6 week, after 6 months of begging to her husband.

The day she was leaving to the airport, Eugene made all posible to make her wife ancious, he walked slowly, lie saying that he forgot something, and staying in the same place looking at the landscape. While Mr. Foster was "looking" for his present Mrs. Foster told the driver to start driving to the airport. In that moment Mrs. Foster feel very strong and confident, and much more calm.

After the 6 week trip in Paris with his daugther and grandchildren Mrs. Foster arrive to her home. For her surprice, when she entered the house, she found her husband in the elevetor dead.

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