The Battle of Hastings

harold vs william

The death of Edward the Confessor.

On the 5th of January Edward died.Edward had done what was in the day an inconsiderable deed,dieing without heir to the throne.England was left confused not sure what to do.On the very next day all the superior people voted that it will only reasonable thing to do is the crown the new king Harold Godwinson.But some other leaders thought they should be king,bring forth Harald Hardraada,Harald thought that he should be the king of england because in his past family have been king of England.William of Normady believed that he should be rightfully king because that the king had promised that he would be king as a joke.

In August Harald took of York,Harold the king decided that he should attack Harald,Harald's army was defeated but the kings army was stuffed.The battle was called thew battle of stamford bridge.

William readied his army,that night he saw Halley's comet and thought it as an omen and marched this army on a field near hastings,this is wear he met Harold's army.This battle was named the battle of hastings,the battle took part on 14th of october .The armies were were evenly matched in numbers however from the previous fight Harold's army was tired so William's army prevailed,an arrow was thought to hasve killed Harold through the eye.

On the 25th of december 1066 William the now conqueror was crowned king of England.

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