The Rainforest

BIOTIC FACTORS-Living factors in Rianforest

Animals                         Plants

Snake                             bird nest fern

mokingjay                     fan palm

puma                              giant cola

frog                                 star apple

jaguar                              sugar palm

tiger                                 oil palm

Abiotic Factors- Non-living things in an ecosystem

water                  Warm/cool temperatures

thick air              Rocks/stones
Bright sunlight


Carring Capacity and Changes in populations

Resources needed for population to survive-                                                                           Plants             Oxygen         Food                       water              sunlight       thick-mud/soil                     

LIMITING Factors:The limiting factors in the rainforest is when a specific resource of something is limited.  

Pumas eat birds and if the birds in the rainforest ran out of food or resouces then the pumas would all die off.

Energy Role:is the energy being consumed  or being passed down to live.

Example- 1.Producer(Bamboo)2.Primary Consumer(Grubs)3.Secondary Consumer(Gorilla)4.Tertiary         Consumer(Jaguar)

Bamboo gets Its energy from the sun,the Grubs gets their energy from the bamboo,Gorillas gets their energy from the grubs,Jaguars get their energy from the gorillas                                                                              The producers use the sun's light energy to make food from carbon dioxide and water.Producers are vital to any ecosystem because it's needed for biological processes.

Food Chains&Food Webs  

Food Webs are more realistic because it shows how much energy gets transferred through out other organisms.  

If the mouse population was extinct then the snake population will decrease.

We use a pyramid for energy transfer because it shows the amount the of useful energy that enters each level.What the energy shows in the pyramid in the is that it shows the energy decreasing over time as it goes up.

Producers are the base because they are the ones that store more energy and start the whole chain of food.The top predators are at the smallest level because that is when energy starts to decrease.What this represents is a change over time.


-6 Co2+ 12h20- > C6H12O6 + 6 O2 + 6 H20

What is needed for photosynthesis is SUNLIGHT,CHLOROPHYLL,WATER&CARBON DIOXIDE.The thing that is PRODUCED during photosynthesis is OXYGEN.


type of tropisms in the Rainforest: Thigmotropism,Phototropism,geotropism,

How these tropisms help the ecosystem is that it gives the plants is that it makes the plant react a certain way to grow.


How decomposers vital to the ecosystem is that they break down dead organisms and makes it into nutrients to start over the life-cycle.If there were no decomposers then the whole world will be filled with dead things everywhere.

Types of decomposers in the ecosystem would be mushroom,fungi,bacteria.


The importance of adaptations is to help the organism live with its surroundings.They can protect you from harm(shelter),get water from some place(storage),to blend in with surrounding(camouflage)

PLANTS                             ANIMALS

a lot  of rain                      a lot of rain                 thick warm air               thick warm air      

If you put an organism in a different environment the animal will try to to adapt to the environment,but after a while it may die.

             Natural   Selection:The process whereby organisms better adapted to their environment tend to survive and produce more offspring.

                         PUMA                                                   The process occurred during the time period where the resources were scarce.

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