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Australians are fast approaching becoming an obese nation in the world while in 1980 10% of Australian adults were obese and in 2012 we dramatically rose to 25%.

Australians eat a lot of fast food because it's quick and easy which allows adults to not have to cook for themselves and there kids which in the documentary 'super size me' Morgan Spurlock ate McDonalds for 30 days he started to have an addiction to McDonalds causing headaches when he didn't eat which could happen to Australian children being fed McDonalds by there parents frequently because it was an easy way to feed there children which they may grow up having an addiction problem craving more and more food which can lead to them becoming obese.

One of the reasons why Australia is known is for it's beaches which people can correlate beaches and surfing together which requires you to be fit or being known for our sports such as cricket or swimming which also requires us to be fit however with Australia becoming more and more obese it's harder to see ourselves as a fit nation and which we see ourselves as a smaller growing version of the United States of America.

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