Tourism In British Columbia

The Mountains

For tourism British Columbia is the place to be, with places like Grouse Mountain its great for out door activities like snow boarding and skiing.  These mountains are also great sights to see, the way the snow falls on the mountains is beautiful.  The mountains are elevated so they are very cold but the coast is warm you can have a great day in the mountains and come home to summer weather of 25-30 degrees Celsius all in the same day.  The mountains were formed by two tectonic plates crashing together this moved the mountains across each other and left the plateau in the middle. We use the coast range for snowboarding skiing and hiking. This area is great for all three activities and if you're looking for something along little more challenging then you go up more towards the Columbia mountains and the rocky mountains. Climatologist predict that the future winters will be be wetter and stormier in coastal British Columbia. if so we can expect more floods. There is a possibility of land slides taking down houses and everything else in its way. The possibility of this happening rely's on the slope and the rain fall if the slope is steep and the rain fall is on-going strong rain then some soil comes with it and takes down anything in its way. If the rain fall reaches a high amount then the water rolls down the mountain and this is called a Land Slide.  The outdoor activities you can do in the coast are biking, swimming, fishing and many more. kids can play on the beaches build sand castles the whole family can go camping British Columbia has a great wild life this is one of the really cool birds found in British Columbia, Herring Gull  This is just a few thing that you can do in British Columbia.