Kris' Mesopotamia

Kris Smith


Irrigation helped a lot because it controlled how much water crops received.

This video tells how Mesopotamia used tools like irrigation and how they invented writing. They invented the wheel which helped a lot because they used it to carry goods. They had the ziggurat where the god lived. They had city states where a lot of people lived.

The wheel helped a lot because instead of having to carry things you load it onto a cart and wheel it away.

Cuneiform was the first written language. It helped because before then they did not know how to write.

The ziggurat was like the church. The ziggurat was a temple. They used it to worship.

The code of Hammurabi was a book that was used to worship.


Bricks helped because they used them for building houses.

Bricks were easy to build and the materials were really easy to find. They were strong and durable so they could be used to make buildings.

The epic of gilgemesh

the epic of Gilgamesh was an epic poem that was about 5 different kings.

I invent farming

Johnny is in the desert and he is lost. He walks and walks and finally he finds water. He jumps in the water. He gets out and he goes and finds the farmers. He meets the farmers and goes and sees a farmer and he is just sitting there. While the farmer is sitting there Johnny figures out irrigation.


Farming is where you plant things and eat them.


Hunting is where you kill animals and eat them.

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