Vivian Malone

By: Keleri Chasteen

She was born in Mobile, AL on July 15,1942. She was the oldest of eight children, three boys and 5 girls. Vivian is one of two African Americans  who sought to enroll at the University of Alabama. Following that she was the first African American to graduate from the University of Alabama.Vivian had a son, Micheal, and a daughter, Monica. She was a director of civil rights and urban affairs. Also she joined the U.S. department of justice as a staff member of its voter process. Following this she moved to Atlanta and took a position on the Environmental Protection Agency. Lastly she has a portriat hanging in the building that houses the College of Commerce and Business Administration. She died on October 13,2005 in Atlanta Georgia.

Vivian Malone was a very successful lady. I also think she is very intelligent because of the fact that she was one of the first African Americans to go to the University of Alabama. Vivian is also caring I think this because she had the eight brothers and sisters and then the children to care for. Another thing is that she had courage because who would go to a college and graduate from a all white school at the time! lastly I think she was very hard working from going to the University of Alabama and the U.S. department of Justice and The Environmental protection Agency.

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