Ismael Rogelio Garcia

ESL College Project #ACESL6


  • Letter of intent
  • 2. Embedded Video
  • 3. College Application:
  • 4. Letter of Recommendation
  • 5. Presentation / Presi
  • 6. FAFSA Form (Paper Copy)

Letter of Intent

Dear Sir.

    Hello my name is Ismael Rogelio Garcia.

I am a freshman at El Dorado 9 Grade Academy and I write tis letter because I want to attend to your University and this are some reasons.

I want to be the first person in my family to go to college. In my high school years I have studied engineering and I am a advanced person doing this things.And nobody in my family have goon to college and they will be very happy if im the  first one to go.

And the second reason is that im a responsible person and in everything I do it at time.

My G.P.A. is 85.50 and im working more hard to make it better

Dear Air Force Academy President                                                                        

United States Air Force Academy, U.S. Air Force Academy, CO, United States

I have know Andres Marchand since he was in ninth grade and I write you this letter to recommended my friend Andres Marchand.He is the bets student that I know he is intelligent, he likes to do all his homework, and he is the best person I know and he dosn't like to have problems in school or in other places.He haves the best G.P.A. Of the entire school.


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