Flash Mob Details

all the nitty gritties are here! :)

There are three different dances, a Lyrical Contemporary, a Broadway Jazz, and a Hip Hop.  Every participant much choose one and only one dance.  Please watch the videos and choose the routine that best fits your personal movement and dance style.


There will be a rehearsal for everyone participating so that everyone is on the same page.  More details to come regarding this rehearsal


What Should I Wear?!  On the bottom (pants and shoes): Wear anything comfortable, easy to dance in, and BLACK.  Keep in mind what style of dance you're performing.       On the top:  Wear a shirt that is comfortable, not too revealing, and easy to dance in.

If you are doing the Lyrical Contemporary routine, wear a blue top

If you are doing the Broadway Jazz routine, wear a green top

If you are doing the Hip Hop routine, wear a purple top


We will be performing at 4 different locations over the course of the day:

The Wrentham Outlets at 1:30

Flint Farm at 2:30

Capron Park at 3:30

Newport Beach at 6:30