I'm a Junior

Hi, my name is Greg, i'm The junior at Harlingen highschool South. I took up this design class cause I think it'd be very interesting, I enjoy video games, and spending time with friends. I'm not into sports it just doesn't interest me, My favorite animal is a Wolf right next to the Cat, cause they're funny, I Really enjoy the internet and being able to talk with people from anywhere and everywhere and all my friends are best friends cause we all have common interest.

I would like to learn

I would like to learn this Cause it looks cool and it'd be cool to be able to do a design like this.

This day was a good day cause we all haven't seen each other in a long time so it was a fun day

What I Hope To Learn

From this class i hope to learn about Photoshop and how to be good at it, i enjoy being on the computer and i hope this class teaches me more then just Photoshop I want to learn how to do specific thing, and i want to learn whatever i can from this class.

Pen Tool

Pen Tool is a very easy tool and can be used for all kinds of projects some of which are face swapping and changing the background out.

Kahoot Quiz

I took john and Cythia's Kahoot quiz they were really good and fun, i made first place on johns quiz and 2nd in Cynthia's they both had ten question and then we all got together and did a random quiz we found from the Kahoots website!