Mr. Menna History 2P7

My topic is Cars

This image right here is one of the typical cars you would drive in the 1900's, and is called a krieger.

See this is one the cars that made history and was the first electric car to be ever made, and was difficult to build this why well its electrical.

As time went on and the years past, cars did change in model and in style. They also added speed and better transmission. Is a Chevrolet 1920 edition

As years went on after the 20's lots of things changed especially cars, they got alot more stronger and started to look very smooth/nice, and prices on cars went up too. The name of this car is called, Hupmobile Aero Dynamic.

To tell you the truth the 1950's was my favorite time for cars, they had some very nice cars like mustangs, sports and many other types of fast and beautiful cars. Also the name of this beauty was, Munz Jets straight from the 50's. Example from the movie that took place in the 50's named grease, and they in the movie and back then would find random junk and make it into parts fro their cars especially fro drag races an showing off.  

This car before you is a classic 1964 Chevrolet camaro, this beauty is fast and will never let you down in any race.

Here is one of the sports cars back in the 1980's, called the Corvette Stingray fastcar is cool

This car is a 1994 jaguar XJ2 very nice model, fast and cleans up good well at that time it did.

This beautiful car here is a beautiful  version of the 2007 Lamborghini murcielago. Its super fast and you'll be getting  honeys with this monster.The Lamborghini was originated from Italy and has sold many models even this one.

Cars have changed more and more each 5 to 10 years. Just like this 2009 ford mustang, its fast and one very good looking car. Even the prices went up on cars especially sports cars like this one, it would be at least $60,000 or higher.

Oh yes  my favorite car, the 2010 Bugatti Veyron. Fastest car of the century has up to 250mph and even faster sometimes. This Bugatti sells for about $2,000,000 and is worth the money. The Bugatti veyron was originated from Germany and is driven by many millionaires around the world.  

The 2010 Audi r8, a luxury sports car, its fast and very shiny wont let you down in a race. very popular around the world even in foreign countries. and has a descent price of $350,000.

This the Mercedes Benz SLG AMG, a luxury sports car and race car. Is around the price of $90,000.

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