coral reef


1 fish

2 coral

3 plankton

4 small creatures


1 water

2 rocks

3 sunlight                                                              

coral reef limiting factors and predator prey

limiting factors:



sharks eat many coral reef fish and if something else started eating the fish this factor would be limited and the sharks would start dying out faster

energy roles

producer :

sea weed is a producer that is eaten by herbivore fish

consumer: herbivore fish

the producers have the largest base bc every food chain or web begin with plants . it is shaped like a pyramid, because the energy transformation is decreasing by 10%.


geotropism in my ecosystem helps the seaweed grow upwards. the seaweed is a source of food and shelter for some animals. this tropism helps so that the seaweed grows upward but it could also be an example of phototrophism.


decomposers are vital to my ecosystem because if there were none the all the dead stuff would start to pile up on the ocean floor.

some decomposers are small bottom feeding fish, sea snails,plankton,krill

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3 years ago

i agree with the coral being biotic

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I recommend that you add color or a background to your post

3 years ago

I agree with the biotics.

3 years ago

what might happen if all the coral was gone

2 years ago

I think you skipped the carrying capacity section. Make sure to revisit the instructions to double check that you are including everything that is required.