The White Rose
a resistance group in Nazi Germany

The White Rose

  • from June 1942 to February 1943
  • non violent anti nazi movement
  • Hans Scholl, Sophie Scholl, Alexander Schmorell, Christoph Probst, Willi Graf
Hans Scholl, Sophie Scholl, Christoph Probst

The Members

Hans Scholl

  • born September 22, 1918
  • studied medicine at the university of Munich
  • served as a medical corp in France and on the eastern front
  • main founder of the white rose
Hans Fritz Scholl

Alexander Schmorell

  • born september 16, 1917
  • raised bilingual by a russian nanny
  • started studying in Hamburg but soon transferred to Munich
  • got to know Hans in the fall of 1940
Alexander Schmorell

Christoph Probst

  • born november 6, 1919
  • his fathers second wife was jewish
  • met Alexander in 1935
  • started studying in Munich in 1939
  • married with two children by the end of 1942
Chrisroph Probst

The Resistance Group

  • didn't fight against the nazi regime actively
  • used anonymous leaflet campaign
  • the first four leaflets were written by Hans with assistance from Alexander
  • Hans and Willi Graf wrote the fifth one
  • the sixth was drafted by Prof. Kurt Huber who also contributed to the fifth one
  • Christoph Probst drafted a seventh one
the sixth leaflet

the nights of February 3rd, 8th and 15th 1943

  • most dangerous performance of their career
  • Hans, Alexander and Willi painted anti nazi slogans on the house walls
  • the Gestapo was patrolling only around the corner in the next street
  • very dangerous; if they would have been caught they'd been executed

The Consequences

The Arrest

  • February 13th
  • Hans and Sophie left leaflets in the empty corridors of the university
  • a janitor and nazi party member, Jacob Schmid, saw and betrayed them to the Gestapo
  • arrested on the 18th
  • Gestapo found draft of seventh leaflet signed by Christoph Probst
  • trial held on the 22nd
  • Hans and Sophie Scholl and Christoph Probst executed by the guillotine
  • Christoph leaving a wife and three children
  • Hans and Sophie leaving their sister Inge and their parents

Willi Graf

  • arrested in the evening of the 18th
  • police tried to get names out of him for several months
  • executed on October 12, 1943
Willi Graf

Alexander Schmorell

  • police is looking for Alexander now
  • during bomb attack someone recognized him in a bunker
  • imprisoned and executed on July 13th, 1943

Prof. Kurt Huber

  • arrested on February 27th
  • executed together with Alexander
  • leaving a wife and two children
Prof. Kurt Huber

A group of brave young people

Had seen the tyranny with their own eyes

Hans Fritz and Sophia Magdalena Scholl, Saint Alexander Schmorell, Christoph Hermann Probst, Willi Graf and Prof. Kurt Huber had to pay with their life for what they believed in:

Equality and Freedom.

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