U.S. Expansionism Timeline

February 15, 1898- Sinking of USS Maine

The USS Maine was sent to Cuba (Havana) to protects the U.S's economic interests but there was an explosion.(It was blown up and sunk)

USS Maine sinking

April 1898 - Spanish American War

On April 24, 1898 Spain declared war on the U.S. and on April 25, 1898 The U.S. declared war on Spain.

May 1,1898- Battle of Manila Bay

The United States attacked Manila Bay in the Philippines and defeated Spain.

September 6, 1899- Open Door Policy

The Open Door Policy gave equal trading rights to all foreign nations in China.

November 6, 1904- Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine

No European countries were allowed to intervene in Latin American affairs. The only way that the U.S was allowed to become involved was if the affairs or European countries was threatened. The United States was the only country allowed to interfere with Latin American countries

January 1,1909- Dollar Diplomacy

The efforts of the United States. Was made to create stability and order abroad that would best promote American commercial interests.

June 28, 1914- Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

His assassination was the cause of wwi. He was the air to the Austria-Hungary throne. Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia soon after which meant that there would soon be wwi. Austria- Hungary were alliances with Germany and Serbia were alliances with Russia. This is were alliances began.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand

August 1, 1914 - World War 1 begins

The war began when Austria- Hungary declared war on Serbia. This brought others like Russia and Germany into the war. Then more countries began to get involved.

Newsboy carries news that war is officially begun.

February 15, 1915- German Proclamation

Germany issued a formal declaration that the waters surrounding Britain and Ireland as a war zone and that they would sink any boat that entered.

Germans Proclamation

May 7, 1915- Sinking of the Lusitania

Was a British passenger ship sunk by German Submarine. It killed 120 Americans.

Lusitania sinking

April 24, 1916- Sussex Pledge

Germany promises not sink any more ships.

SS Sussex

February 3, 1917- Failure of Diplomacy

Germany resumes U boat attacks on the U.S. anyways. The U.S. still remains neutral.

The United States still had not entered war even after failure of diplomacy

February 4, 1917- Zimmerman Telegraph

Britain intercepts telegram which revealed German plans against the U.S.

April 6, 1917- United States enters war

The Zimmerman telegram had much to do with the reason the U.S. entered the war.

May 18, 1917- Selective Service Act

All men in the U.S. between 21-30 register for military service.

June 15, 1917- Espionage Act

It made it illegal for any person to convey information intended to interfere with the U.S. armed forces prosecution of the war effort or to promote the success of the country's enemies.

September 26, 1918- Battle of Argonne Forest

This was the final battle of wwi. It was the battle that pushed Germany to finally surrender.

November 11, 1918- World War 1 ends

After the Battle of Argonne Forrest Germany surrenders and the war is over.

Tanks in a parade celebrating end of World War 1.

June 28, 1919 - Treaty of Versailles

Involved the punishment of Germany and territorial changes.

Treaty of Versailles

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