vocabulary words: First Aid

Accident means something that happens that caused harm unexpectedly without reason. "There are many car accidents that happen every year but mainly on a curve"

Breathing means taking air into and expelling it from your lungs. "Breathing is what helps us to live and without being able to breathe, we would die"

Choke is when food or an item gets into your throat, blocking you to be able to breathe. "On average, over 100 people a year choke on ballpoint pens"

Emergency is a serious, unexpected and dangerous situation that needs immediate action."If someone is severely hurt or in labor, the emergency room is a good place to go"

Faint is when your eyes get blurry and you feel weak; to lose consciousness "if you are dehydrated, there is a high risk you may faint"

First aid is tools and help until full medical treatment is available "everyone should know the fundamentals of first aid"

Heartbeat is the pulsation of your heart "if you take your hand and put it on your chest you may be able to feel your heartbeat"

Pulse is the throbbing of your arteries as blood  "you are able to feel your pulse in your wrists"

Rescue is to save somebody from danger sort of like this guy superman💁👀

"To rescue somebody is to be brave wether your a doctor or a superhero"

Respiration is the action of breathing "Carbon dioxide is a waste product of respiration "

Abdominal thrust is a first aid procedures to be able to help choking. "Abdominal thrusts are used for choking"

CPR or Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a medical procedure used when a persons heart stops beating or slowing down "Cpr is very helpful and has saved many lives"

Universal precautions are designed to prevent blood borne diseases like for example "HIV"   "doctors and nurses used universal precautions so that it don't spread and that it may prevent it.

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