Final Project

By : Alan Blue

Changes in how tv is watched and delivered

T.V. is coming and being watched in many different ways. Every year they are coming out with new and amazing things like Netflix and hulu. Alot of people have now switched from cable to movie and TV show apps. Alot of the companies and TV producers promote their shows or movies by commercials on cable TV and they also will have little ads at the bottom of the screen while your watching. Because they also have dvr which lets alot of people skip threw TV commercials. SO they should be marketed i would say online like twitter accounts and Facebook accounts because theses days everyone has a twitter ! so they people that use dvr and skip threw there commercials ! they can see the new and latest shows and movies threw online and over public media. Maybe they should promote the show by contests on twitter saying that it watch the show for a chance to win merchendise or signed memobilia by catching clues that they put in the show. Its a win win for the veiwer all they have to do is watch and tweet and have a chance to win a bunch of stuff

Evaluate a movie poster

Overall this movie poster for the movie "Paul" Is i would say good but not great. It kind of gives you an idea but not a whole lot they have large images i mean you see a alien and you already asking your self "why" ? If your intrested in goofy or syfy kind of movies then maybe your intrested right off the gate. if you think about when you see this poster its kinda of misleading i have seen the movie and the poster doesnt really give you a good idea besides maybe that the two main characters in the rv find and pick up the alien named paul. After that you dont really get much more. For people wanning to see the movie they did a good job how many movies nowadays have aliens in them so that right there is already a plus and when you see two guys that look like goons that implies that its gonna be funny. Obvioulsy this movie isnt the kind you would sit down and watch with your grandma its more for the teenage to mid life people mot syaing older people wont watch it but proably something they are not intrested in. i would say maybe something from the movie that gives you more of an idea. This movie poster is like step brothers when i saw that in the poster in the movie theater it didnt really tell you much of what what the movie is about but made you intrested just like this one.

Movie Trailer

After watching this trailer and never seeing the movie to me its looks hilarious ! i mean has those clips where it gives you a pretty good idea about the story line like when get of jail to do community service and then it seems harder than it is . They showed clips form the begining like how they get the community service. The target audience i would is teenage and young adults because i know from personal experience my mom and dad have watched stupid comedies so this is what i would classify this as one of those movies. i would sya they tease the plot line pretty good because to me when they show them sitting in the community office and then they kid driving away in his vehicle i mean they good of done a better job with all of the main characters with there kids so more of everyone then just one because if you watch this trailer alot of it is sean paul acting and if your not a fan of him then your proably not gonna wanna see this movie. For them showing a climax clip i would say they did poor very poor they did have maybe some clips leading up to the climax but there was nothing that really stood out to me or had a climax. if it was my trailer i would of maybe thrown in the climax at the very end for maybe 2 to 3 seconds to just leave you guessing and just leaving you to wanna go see it bad. When i sayn the dark night trailer they did that and made me wanna go see it bad so thats what i would do. I think the clips that they put it deffnertly show the mood or tone of the movie it was funny and adverntours i would say its deffeintly not sad but it looks and i think thats what they wanted it to be is a comedy

What additional vaule would you give if you were manger off your theme park

First every one knows that these parks are overpriced bad. but yet its so fun that every one still will go . yeah they have some deals like buy one get 1/2 tickets but thats still like 40 dollars. So the first thing i would do is i want bug family to come so maybe buy 2 tickets get 2 free because when they get in there they are gonna have more money to spend on food and when they eat food means more time at the park which means more money for the park. And maybe even a family pack where you get 5 tickets and food coupons and say they buy that and the family has a great time and the kids had fun for a responsible price then when its maybe there kids birthday they wanna schedule a b day party for there kids because of last time then all there friends come and say wow this is really cheap and fun so then they come and its just more and more money. I would also add specials on holidays , because alot of people on holidays are in the giving mood and they are looking for something fun, thats when they come to my park for cheap prices and food specials. Basically if i put theses specials on in the long road its gonna bring more money more people and more advertisement so do give them good deals does pay off. its a win win for the park

Top 3 marketing strateiges for amusement and theme park

Well the first thing i would say for marketing strategies is kids try to target market kids. Because first what kid doesn't wanna go to a theme park and have fun go to the water park and play games. mostly kids and young adults go to theme and amusement because first it ma kids go to place in the summer if your going with friends or family. I know when i was young we went all the time in the summer , now i kind of think they are stupid but thats probably because im getting older. Second strategie i would say is food and souvenirs. Well i know if im spending alot of money on tickets and pass to get in the park they better have some good food if your their all day your obviously gonna get hungry and if the food is bad its gonna make them not come back and if they do then they will have to worry about packing a lunch and keeping it cold or getting it stolen and souvenirs huge. When i used to go on vacation i use to get a t shirt or some every trip to remind of how fun i did so say if they kids get t shirts and wear them to school and there buddies are like was that park fun and they say yes then its basically walking billboard . The third strategy would say is customer service because its simple good customer service means happy family's. like say if your on the water slide and lost your phone or wallet and you call them to help you and look for it and you get some snotty person with a terrible attitude not willing to help. that means your mad because they wont help and now your worrying about some one getting your info and stealing your identity but if you had a nice person that understands your situation and will check cameras and send people out to look for it makes your happy and makes you feel better about the situation and now your willing to come back they help you and you help them those are the three strategy i would target for.

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