American Prisoners of the Revolution


The picture above shows a guard watching prisoners as they suffer from disease and/or starvation. I believe that this picture connects to the book "Chains" because Isabel herself is caught in the situation of experiencing the American prisoners slowly dying from many causes. The guards at the prison rarely give any of the prisoners any blankets/pillows and not much food so the prisoners don't have much to help stay alive. With the tight space that the prisoners share disease gets spread very easily so many were severely sick for awhile and most of them died. Isabel noticed the prisoners dying off by the way they were treated on her almost daily routine to visit Curzon.

                       Primary Source

Laurie Halse Anderson chose the source, “The distress of the prisoners cannot be communicated in words. Twenty or thirty die every day; they lie in heaps unburied; what numbers of my countrymen have died by cold and hunger, perished for want of the common necessaries of life! I have seen it! This, sir, is the boasted British clemency -Letters written from New York describing prisoners captured at Fort Washington” because the letter explains that the conditions the American Prisoners live in are not fair because they are left to die of starvation or disease. In chapter 37 of “Chains” Isabel notices herself that the prisoners are not treated well, they are not provided blankets or pillows for warmth and they get barely any food because the guards have to check(eat) any food that is brought for them. The letter explains that many bodies are found in piles because no one bothers to bury them and care for the cells that the prisoners stay in. Isabel herself experiences that when she goes to care for Curzon, she notices bodies in corners that are sometimes stripped of clothing because other prisoners steal the extra clothes to keep warm. In conclusion Laurie Halse Anderson chose this source because the letter explains how the American Prisoners were treated and Isabel experiences the harsh care with her own eyes.

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