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Being a Student Athlete

       Studies have shown that participating with school sports shows higher GPAs, lower dropout rates and stronger commitments to school compared to the average, non-athlete high school student.  A student athlete means to participate in an organized team and to be able to balance the roles of being a full-time student and a full-time athlete.  There are many conveniences from being involved in athletics in high school and even in college. According to NCAA, the business world is focusing on creating a team environment with their employees. By competing in college sports, student-athletes learn important skills such as leadership, time management and how to work with others toward a common goal.

This video from the NCAA about Kayla Shull, a swimmer from Clarion University of Pennsylvania who talks about the value of being a student-athlete.

   Student Athletes that have graduated and are successful are measured by the, "Graduation Success Rate."  According to the NCAA, the graduation success rate for student-athletes in 2007 was 84% in six years at a Division 1 school.  These men and women have taken their potential and all that they have learned down the road and put it forth into real life where they knock down challenges that others might struggle with. This graph below shows the standards strengthened and the Graduation Success Rate increased, nearly 14,000 more student-athletes graduated from college.  The projected rate is way lower than the actual rate, which shows the hard work that these athletes have put in to graduate.

        In the real world today, more and more Firms are starting to hire student-athletes.  There are three main reasons why businesses should hire athletes.

Competitiveness - Athletes have to perform at their highest level in order to either preserve their scholarship, walk-on to a team, or secure a starting position on the field. When student athletes enter the workplace, they will constantly compete and strive to be number one in that firm.

Leadership - Most athletes have experience leading a team, these people will constantly expose themselves to different leadership strategies to become the best player they can be. Leadership can be looked through two different ways; leadership through action and vocal leadership. These are important in any managerial position since managers able to lead their employees to finish the task at hand.

Toughness - When going through all the painful practices and stressful situations, student athletes are able to handle any situation that given to them.  Athletes have been so accustomed to this mindset that they create a sense a physical and mental toughness.

        Many people don't realize it, but being a student athlete can help you later in your life when it comes to getting a job or even trying something new. The traits you learn as an athlete are the most valuable things to hold on to when you work your way to being the successful. When college counselors and coaches see a player who is well rounded both academically and athletically, they usually pick that student. Those students continue on to be the greatest people they can be both in the workplace and at home. Being a student-athlete benefits in ways that a normal student would not understand, we have the power to change, we are student-athletes.

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