HDB Rental in Singapore

Accommodation in Singapore is high standard, and is available in a number of shapes and sizes. And we often say that accommodation is a big-ticket item in Singapore. However, over the years, a proliferation of accommodation types makes Singaporeans now have wider options when it comes to their choice of a comfortable home.

If buying a property is a too big commitment for you right now, renting is a viable option. You may engage a real estate agent to source for a property or browse the daily classifieds for a list of private apartments, condominiums and houses for rent. However, engaging a real estate agent better ensures that your interests are protected, especially with regards to the lease.

Cost of renting a place depends on:
Location. As before, the popular residential areas in Singapore are postal districts 09, 10 and 11, in areas such as Orchard, Bukit Timah and Thomson. Areas close to MRT stations and the new waterfront near the Singapore River are quickly gaining in popularity – and rental rates.
Size and condition of the place.
Amenities. Condominiums with full facilities may command a higher price. Rent also depends on whether the place is furnished, partially furnished or unfurnished.

These are the steps in renting a place:
Sign a lease with the owner, the terms of which are agreed between the two parties. Most landlords and housing agents ask to see your Employment Pass before agreeing to the lease.
Sign an inventory listing of all the items provided by the owner, including their condition.
Usually, a deposit or “security bond” equivalent to one month’s rent is required for leases that are over at least a year.
Rental usually excludes utility bills but includes maintenance fees.

Renting a Housing Development Board flats
HDB rental Singapore http://www.huffe.com/singapore-hdb-rental continues to offer the best value by far. They are abundantly located across the island and sited in convenient, self-contained estates with plenty of amenities such as supermarkets, food centers, clinics, schools, libraries and usually an MRT station.

The biggest bebefit of HDB rental Singapore is that they typically offer very reasonable rental rates, from SGD 400 a month for a room upwards to about SGD 3,000 for a double-storey maisonette. The size of flats available ranges from one-room to five-room and larger executive units.

The cost of hdb rental:
Property                                                          Estimated cost (SGD) per month
HDB flat (5-room/executive/maisonette)                                 1,500 - 3,000
HDB flat (3-room to 5-room)                                                       1,000 - 1,500