Southern Colonies

Southern Draws and no flaws

The Southern states are: Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland

The lovely weather

Summers are a little sticky but theres no way you won't enjoy the warm weather which will help you with growing your food and growing those lovely plants and flowers. The winters are pretty mild but short which wouldn't be to bad on your crops or on your farming or trading!


The farming and ranching and a stable food supple is a big part of having a great place to live! The soil is great for growing crops and having livestock on. Another thing the southern colonies are great for are the lakes and swamps for fishing. These states are great places for building and having plantations on.


In the southern colonies with southern draws and absolutely no flaws the industry involves ships going on the bay and ocean. The shipping process is very simple and great for the southern colonies, going to different colonies trading different items that would help the great southern colonies.

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