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Miss my friends

The last weekend with sun and heat.

This picture was taken in my farewell in Brazil, in my aunt's house, on the farm. It was a very good BQB! We eat and talk about me, and my travel to Canada. A mixture of laughter and cry.

It was my first contact with North America

Toronto International Airport.

After 24 hours of travel, i finally arrived in Canada! It was a tiresome trip!! When i get out of my city in Brazil, the broken and i was desperate, i sure i would miss my flight in Rio de Janeiro. But, thank God, i didn't lose! :) I arrived at the airport with two hours in advance, and have a lunch with my parents and my friend Bruna, that i met in airport!!

Mom :(

"Letter to my daughter"

Today I received an order coming to Brazil by my mom. She sent to my a book like a letter, with many beautiful texts by mother to doughters. I cried a lot! I miss my mother too much. She's everything to me! :( Along with the letter, my mother sent too my scarf that I forgot in Brazil, with her smell. So cute, no? :) At Christmas, I'll send a gift for her too!


A Month of Canada!

Last friday, 22, completed one month that we are here in Canada. Today, Sunday night, me, Bruna and Leibe, with other brazilians, went to Church to talk a little with God! Is always good to give thanks for blessings received :) I hope the others months be as good as the first month. I hope always improve my English and know new people and places here! I`m really enjoying Canada!

Music to Relax! :)

This song is amazing!! There is something that I can call music, is a song that has lyrics. I understand like a futile criticizes the many songs that exist today.

Chinese Dinner!

JiaJia`s house :)

On Sunday I had a new experience in JiaJia`s house! She invited me and Bruna to go there to know Chinese food. It was very nice! First, when we got there, we played video game with Jiajia`s roommate, waiting for dinner to be ready. Jiajia has many differentes types of games, and we played some of these. After it, dinner was ready and we eat. So, I have to say: Jiajia cooks very very well! hahaha... She cooked fish, eggs with tomatoes, tofu with pork, pork with fresh vegetables and salad. Than, to accompany the good food, we drinked a delicious wine! Jiajia and her roommate was very kind with me and Bruna. It was a good sunday :) Thanks, Jiajia!


Showing my skills cooking! That day I did meat, potatoes and pea in a barbecue sauce. Then, to accompany, I did a rice with flavor. It was tomato flavor. Very good! I liked it. Only to register: my first dish in Canada!! =)

"Family is who you choose to live!"

My best friends! :)

This pic was taken in a nightclub called The One, in my hometown, Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, two weekends before I came to Canada. I always used to go out with this girls. They are very very funny, and was very exciting be with them. I miss this moments. I miss to share my secret with them, because to talk only by the internet isn`t the same thing. I hope keep in contact with them during my exchange in Canada. They`re so important and special for me! =)

Mom is mom!

Awn, Mom! :(

This beautiful woman by my side is my mother! The most wonderful woman in the world, in every way! hahaha I think she is missing me a lot, as I am missing her. She has a big heart, and love to help people. So, don`t want to see her mad. It can be dangerous!

My Last Christmas in Brazil!!

My Last Christmas

I wanna share a little about my Christmas in Brazil. The picture above was taken in Poliana`s house, in my hometown, Cachoeiro de Itapemirim. Those girls are my childhood friends.

The girl wearing the pink blouse is my cousin, we grew up together and we have a very good relationship. I usually spend all my holidays with her, but she doesn`t live in the same city as me anymore. She`s studying Medicine in Vitoria, the capital of my states. So, we`re together only on holidays and some weekends.

The first girl wearing a plaid blouse is my best friend! She lives in Cachoeiro and we used to be always together. She`s a good friend. She knows to keep secret, and I appreciate it! My mother loves her too, so I wish we could keep this friendship forever :)

The girl beside her is Poliana, the house belongs to her. She has a great, big and funny family!!! hahaha... I usually go to his house even if she is not there only to talk with her mother. I really love her mother, she`s a women who has a big heart :) Poliana lives in Vitoria too, like Paula, my cousin. She studies Civil Engineer there. She`s a calm and easygoing girl. It`s always good to be with her, she can transmit peace!

Finally, the girl in the middle is Vanessa. She`s so so so funny!! She`s slow, lazy and usually spend a lot of time to understand the jokes! So, she`s a great person too. She loves to go to nightclubs and dancing around the clock! She`s a beautiful girl and always attracts some boys! (and she loves it!) hahaha...

So..is it! I can say that it`s one of my hobbies. Being with them and hang out together. Drink some beer, make barbecue and laugh! This is the summary of my last Christmas.

So, just for record, the temperature was around 32 degrees Celsius that day. Very different of Canada`s weather on Christmas! It`s being a really different experience for me! =)) I`m enjoying it!

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