Post, explore, and like any pictures of different interesting food. Basically, this website is all about  food. If you are a food fan find pictures of any food with the location under it of the restaurant.

Finding: There are four links at the top of the screen. Profile, home, explore, and  likes.

Profile: When you click on the profile button you get your entire page on your screen. From posts to followers to who your following all of that is there.

Home: This is the first thing that shows when you get into the app. All of the people who you  follow post pictures right? Those post's show up on the screen so you get everything they post right away as soon they post them so you get the latest and greatest.

Explore: This is where you find your favorite posters. There is a search bar where you can look them up. There is also a hashtag bar where you can type in your favorite food and find any posts with that hashtag on the post.

Likes: Last, your likes. You can look back at your likes with this button. Also, you can show your friends or family your favorite posts on this app to show them how good of an app Foodly IS!!

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