by Ethan

Lego Sets/histore

Legos have been around for 81 years. You can make your ideas come to life! Not many sets were available back then. There are more sets now. Legos can be very fun! There are ninjago,starwars,chemo,avengers,hero factory,city,knights,mine craft and monster hunsters. And my least favorite lego set is...


computer sites

There is on computers. There are Lego games on the computers. If you go to there is a store. You can pick legos out from this store. It has different sets and products that you can choose which one you want. The games are really fun. They have many choices to choose from. So if you want to play ninjago, starwars, or other games, you can. Do you want to be a lego creator when you grow up? It's your choice. You pick, not me!

a lego set

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