Democracy: Any form of government in which political power is exercised by all citizens, either directly or through their elected representatives

DD: All citizens participate in government./Switzerland

RD: People elect representatives who vote on laws for the citizens/U.S.A

Autocracy: Political power is ruled by one individual

Monarchy: Ruled by kings and quenns/ England

AM: Absolute monarchy or absolutism is a monarchical form of government in which the monarch has absolute power among his or her people/ Saudia Rabia

CM: Constitutional monarchy is a form of government in which a king or queen acts as Head of State. The ability to make and pass legislation resides with an elected Parliament, not with the Monarch/ Belgium

Dictatorship: Taken by power/ Nazi Germany

Theocracy: ruled by a god or higher power/ Greece

Oligarchy: Rule by Few/ India

Anarchy: No government at ALL/ Somalia

Cumminism: Communism is a political and economic system in which the major productive resources in a society—such as mines, factories, and farms—are owned by the public or the state/ Vietnam