Erwin Schrodinger and werner karl Heisenberg

5 Atom discovery related facts

1.Schrodinger discovered the electron cloud model theory and made the Schrodinger equation which is the foundation for quantum mechanics. 1932 Heisenberg won the Nobel prize for physics and in 1933 Schrodinger shared the prize with dirac.

3. Schrodinger  discovered the equation that can be used to determine the probability of an electrons location at a given position in relation to the nucleus.(he determined the shape of electron orbital.)

4. In 1925 Heisenberg discovered a way to formulate quantum mechanics in terms of matrices. For that discovery he was awarded the Nobel prize.

5. Heisenberg was incremental in planning the first week German nuclear reactor in Munich, in 1957.

4 Random facts

1. Heisenberg lived from 1901-1976.

2. Heisenberg born in Munich Germany.

3. Schrodinger got his phd at the age of 23.

4. A crater in the moon is named after Schrodinger.

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