Color Wheel- Alissa Hageman

The hardest color for me to take was defiantly Blue-Violet. First it was hard to find things that were blue-violet, and second it was hard to capture the right lighting for it to be the right color.

Yellow- Black-eyed Susan

Green-Yellow- Dying Leaf

Green- Grass

Blue-Green- Madrigal Dress

Blue- American Eagle Sweatshirt

Blue-Violet- Choir Binder

Violet- Book

Red-Violet- Youth Frontier's Flyer

Red- Brake Light

Red-Orange- Car

Orange- Basketball Shirt

Yellow-Orange- Binder

My favorite picture to take was the Red-Orange car. I took a lot of different angles on the car, but this part of the car was my favorite. I love the little bit of dimension that the angle allows to show in the small portion of the picture.

The blue-green picture was defiantly better before it was cropped because there were so many more details that weren't able to show because of the small space.