“My life is perfect, even when it is not.”

- Ellen Degeneres


                                                              I believe in the world,
                                                        the way everything changes,
                                                        the new stuff that happens,
                                                                 the new people,
                                                      the new creations every day,
                                    But not giving anyone a chance does not exist.
                                                     I believe in caring for others,
                              I believe in helping people when they are in-need,
                                           I believe in sharing with each other,
                                                         Kind, Caring, loving,
                                   And I believe that not every body is perfect,

          just give them a chance to show you they care and they are just like you are.

Theses specific words

      I adopted theses words for my own because this is what I do, I hide my feelings from every body. I Only show my feelings around my self or I want show or tell no one. I got this poem from Ellen Degeneres because theses words express me and how I feel. I know I should not be this way but I am who I am. I hope I can change because this is how I always been and I wanna be different.

       Theses words are important to me because Im scared to know what people think about my feelings. People don’t care about how you feel they want everybody to make fun of people and treat them bad. Every single person has feelings and I barley got any feelings because people hurt them. I feel really strong to keep theses words to my self because people might think different of me if I just don't care what people say to me. I don't listen to know one anymore, thats why I am sticking to these specific words.

       When I get older, I hope theses words will change but I'm not really sure what to think anymore.I see this evolving because I really don’t talk to anyone but a few people. What will change it is start believing that no one is better we are all the same. I wanna think that people like mean for who I am not because I have something they want. People are people not games you play with.

              It significant to me because it pretty much shows me and how I feel. I would never charge anyone for theses words because they are just so important and they could really help someone out. It would be beneficial to others because others need to know that they are not the only one who feels like I do. These words could help because they are not just words that are life and they are how people put life. Its really hard in life but sometime in this world everything will get better.

By : Chelsea Martin

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