Seriously Awesome Skin Care

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Take advantage of a special offer to try some amazing new skin care products.  Beautycounter is a safe, non-toxic line of face and body care products that launched in March of 2013.  Not only are these products safe, they are effective.  Customers are reporting remarkable improvement in skin tone, wrinkles and elasticity after just one month of use.  The products smell amazing and truly nurture and feed your skin, making it glow.  Every morning when you wake up, your skin looks better than the day before.  No joke.

In the month of August, when you schedule a Beautycounter social and bring at least five of your friends you will get a special gift.  The Beautycounter Know Everything and Wouldn't You Like To Know pouches are versatile and stylish and retail for $30.  It is my gift to you for helping me to educate (and beautify!) women with these safe, healthy products.  By scheduling a social, you will earn rewards towards 50% off one to four items!  What you put on your skin does matter.  It's time to treat it right.

Truth.  Beauty.  Transparency.


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