3 Great Things!

It's Almost Winter Break !!!

It's Almost Winter Break!
A few great things to take you into the new year

Welcome to the 3rd issue of 3 Great Things from Wayne Community College's Distance Education Office. Each issue brings you online teaching and learning tips that can be implemented into your online teaching practice or shared with your students directly. Have something to share or a suggestion? You'll find contact information at the bottom of the page. Happy reading!

Great Thing #1: Daily Writing Tips-


This searchable website is an excellent tool for easy to understand writing advice. There are great snippets for sharing with students and improving your own writing too. Recent topics include: "At your earliest convenience" just whose convenience do you mean? , word choice: itch vs. scratch, and "If I was... or If I were... "

Great Thing #2: Staying Motivated!

19 Ways to Boost Your Motivation and Personal Effectiveness


Staying motivated is occasionally a challenge for online faculty and their students. This website presents tons of strategies for maintaining focus, staying on task and motivated, and setting short- and long- term goals. Read a few and consider sharing relevant topics with your students. The news or the student coffee house forums in Moodle are both great places to share useful information with students. If you do so regularly, students become accustomed to checking those forums for updates which is quite helpful. Another option is to share information like this through the Moodle QuickMail tool. Connecting with students and indicating empathy and support is an excellent and simple learner support tool.

Great Thing # 3

The Google URL shortener http://goo.gl/ is an excellent tool for eliminating confusion and panicked "the link doesn't work" messages from students. Simply copy any long URL and paste it in the shortener block and click "Shorten link". Goo.gl will return a nice short link for you to copy and paste into your course resource. Give it a try; you'll find it useful and simple to use for your online courses and anywhere else you need to share a long link.


Everything you ever wanted to know about learning theories all in one nice neat graphic is found here:


Learning from Life and Travel- a nice piece to wrap up 2013 and dive into 2014 with: 10 Things I’ve Learned From Life And Travel http://www.bootsnall.com/articles/12-10/what-ive-learned-from-life-and-travel.html

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