Lighted Purse  Block

Great for a night light/room decoration for young girls to teens.

Really is very simple. You are only limited by your imagination!


  • 1 8x8  glass or acrylic block.  (if you are only putting lights in it - glass is fine - however it is heavy.  I prefer the acrylic because it makes it easier to adjust the "insides")
  • 1 35 ct. light set (you can get different colors to coordinate with your design
  • 1 feather or fuzzy boa
  • 1 set of purse handles
  • embellishments
  • 1 1/2" to 2" wide coordinating ribbon
  • hot glue gun

- Arrange lights in the block so that they seem to "fill" it and are not just clumped in one spot.  If you are using a block with a plug, make sure you feed the lights thru the plug first, and allow the light plug to hang out. You can make this side the top or the bottom.. It sits better if you have the cord come out the top, but if you ever need to change the lights, your stuck because of all the gluing you will be doing on top.  If you decide to have the cord come from the bottom - glue glass rocks to the bottom to create "feet" and allow room for the cord.  Pay attention to where you glue everything else in case you need to change lights. You can always add more things to the inside of the block, such as toys, blocks, ornaments, etc.... Basically, you are just limited to your own imagination.  For this one, I just chose to make zebra stripes by just cutting them "freehanded" out of stick-able vinyl. -  Once you are satisfied with the inside, glue or xyron ribbon around the sides. Using a re-positional xyron sticker maker makes it easier to adjust the ribbon if you need to as you go around the block. Tip:Start and stop the ribbon at the light cord, overlapping slightly, in case you need to change the lights.
-   Using a hot glue gun, glue the boa around the top portion of the block and trim as necessary.
-  Hot glue the purse handles to the top.  Make sure they are secure, because it will be picked up by the handles at least once.  :-)
-  The front can be decorated any way you wish.  Use your imagination.   Since my niece loves pink zebra print, I did the stripes with coordinating embellishments. 



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