“You live but once; you might as well be amusing.”

Coco Channel

Be you

I believe in the power of dance

Dance to express yourself.

Dance to be your own person.

Dance to be free.

Dance to tell a story.

Dance to be different.

I believe in expression.

I believe in being different,

Not to be like everyone else.

I believe in the power of music,

the way it makes you feel

the way you interpret the music in your own way.

I believe to be different is to be free

strong, courageous, and above all it is to be you.

Words to Live by

My Credo that I live by is to treat today like its your last. I have heard this my whole life and it didn’t really come into play until my life until recently. I have learned that if you just wait until something good happens to you, you aren’t going to have a very exciting life. You have to get up and make the good things happen, live on the edge and do risky things, don’t play it safe. You never know when your time is near, you never know when its all over until its to late. If I were to die today would it be a life well lived?

It was the beginning of my 9th grade year at East High and I realized that I didn’t want to be just another kid that walked down the halls in the morning and did what everyone else did. I wanted to be someone to remember, the student that was so enthusiastic and that was the loudest at the football games and had so much pride in who they were that they didn’t care who saw. This comes into effect with my credo because if you want to be remember you have to live like its your last. You can’t be afraid to stand out or to be notice, you have to be the one who stands up and make yourself known.

As I look back I realize that my family, mostly me and my older sister are known for being outgoing and always having tons of school spirit. We would always have the best spirit day outfits and we are both cheerleaders and have tons of school spirit. By doing this I have learned that I do not care what people think, if you care about what people think you are never going to truly be yourself. However it is important for me that people notice how involved I am around the school. This plays a big role in my credo because I want to live to my full potential. Living like everyday is your last has many meaning, it can mean having the most school spirit, having the best grades, being the best at what you do. You have to put forth the effort to be someone and to not have any regrets.

As I grow older I find that my credo plays a bigger part in my life. I have so many more opportunities that I need to take advantage of that could really benefit me for the better. If I keep living life the way I have described than I believe that I can further my career. The person I have decided to be will be remembered for the better and the way it will further my career is that it will get me known. People are going to look at my college or job application and say that I look like a person that they would like to get to know or have her work or attend the college or work place. I hope that I always live by my credo.

I would encourage everyone to live today like it was there last because a lot of people would do a lot of things differently. I wouldn’t be as involved in as much stuff at school if I didn’t live by this credo. I’m excited to see how my life will play out by living my life this way. I just have to remember that I can’t just sit around waiting for opportunities so come and knock at my door, I have to get up and chase them.

By Holly Yelton

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